My Story

Bonnie Fox Photography 

I’m fortunate to live in Canada. I love it’s landscape for countless reasons. I live in a beautiful part of the country, the Georgian Bay area. Many of my images…waves, rainbows, sand, sailing, winter, trees, leaves, sunsets, animals and winter scenes are taken from my backyard, truly a gift from Mother Nature.

Although I love my home, I like to explore new countries— cities, villages and their surrounding landscapes. I’m intrigued by the shops, the alleys, the architecture, the beaches, the gardens, the mountains, and the forests of all the places I visit.

Join me on my journeys. Appreciate life as I do, as a visual experience. Come with me with camera in hand, as I slow down and truly observe. Together, we see the little things, the small details that make our world a beautiful and fascinating place.

I invite you to see the world through my lens. You will travel to distant lands as well as view familiar everyday scenes you might overlook. Hopefully, you will see something new, something unexpected, a little surprise that you may have missed.

Wandering with my camera helps me to savor life and the world I live in. When you observe my photos, I wish that you feel something special—some nostalgia, some magic, some sense of wonder or, simply, a sense of gratitude.

Together, let ordinary and extraordinary places inspire us. Let light, shadow-shapes, textures and patterns conjure photos that evoke a positive response. Often having less in the shot says more than capturing it all. Less is more.

I hope you appreciate a great snapshot, which captures a real moment and tells an authentic story you can relate to.

As you wander through my images, create your own stories!

Imagine slowing down, taking time—time to observe, time to feel, time to see with new eyes.