Collingwood Terminals

My most requested photos are those of the Collingwood Terminals. Our Terminals are the most recognized and beloved of Collingwood’s landmarks. They stand proudly at the end of “The Spit” that juts out into the vast blue waters of Georgian Bay.

The Terminals are an integral part of the area’s history. They symbolize Collingwood’s beginnings as an agricultural and shipping hub on the Great Lakes.

The towering concrete monolith now serves as our most identifiable landmark—backdrop for photo selfies, swans, sail boats, ice huts, and outdoor ice hockey games.

We see their imposing silhouette in the distance as we “Ooh” and “Ahh” the fireworks display on Canada Day and enjoy concerts in the outdoor amphitheater.

Clients cherish a gallery wrapped canvas of The Terminals hanging over their fireplace. People enjoy sending loved ones cards from “home” that reflect a shot of the terminals.

Even visitors from afar choose photos of the terminals as a unique memento of their vacation.